Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
April thru Mid-October
By Appointment in November and December
Our enthusiasm for the spring season might be contagious! If you are feeling an itch to play in
the dirt or have developed a spring fever that will not subside, you have all the symptoms. A trip
to the Prairie Pedlar is a perfect cure!
A Bouquet of Gardens

A 14 mile stretch of Hwy 20 is closed from Galva East to Early.  Currently, County Rd M43 that runs North/South
just east of our garden is still open.  The DOT is allowing through traffic on that 1/2 mile jog of Hwy 20 for the time
being.  The other North/South roads for travel that do cross Hwy 20 are the old HWY 71 (6 miles east of the
garden - 5 of those 6 miles are paved).  West of the garden 8 miles is M25 which connects Galva to Ida Grove.  
This 8 mile stretch on 210th/270th Street is all gravel. For East/West recommended travel, visitors should use Hwy
175 which goes through Ida Grove, Arthur and Odebolt OR the detour route using County Rd D15 that runs
parallel to Hwy 20 - three miles north of it.  You can see more details at:

**Special note: 270th Street in Sac County is 210th Street in Ida County