Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Extended May hours: 9:00-5:00 Monday-Saturday and 1 – 5 on Sunday
April thru Mid-October
By Appointment in November and December
Our enthusiasm for the spring season might be contagious! If you are feeling an itch to play in
the dirt or have developed a spring fever that will not subside, you have all the symptoms. A trip
to the Prairie Pedlar is a perfect cure!
A Bouquet of Gardens
The Craziest Start to Spring EVER!

This spring marks 35 years since we planted our first seeds at the Prairie Pedlar and began cultivating a passion that grew into a business
bigger than we ever imagined. And through the years, we’ve learned that gardeners have an unwavering optimism, which is sorely needed
this spring more than ever. My hope that the coronavirus would be a distant memory by mid-April was wishful thinking! Since it was recently
announced that the socializing restrictions
will remain in place throughout April, there will be some changes in our spring calendar at the
Prairie Pedlar. There will be no Lunch and Learn this April. In addition, we will be moving our annual Spring Open House back a week to
May 2nd and 3rd (instead of April 25-26, the traditional weekend we have
celebrated for more than 20 years).

It is certain that fresh veggies instill good health, flowers help brighten neighborhoods, and gardeners dig it. We encourage everyone who
loves to get dirt under their fingernails to stay positive - it isn’t time to plant annuals outside yet in Iowa (our last frost date is May 15th)!
Take a deep breath and enjoy the nurturing spirit in our your own backyard as you ready
your garden beds, trim, weed and prepare for
another glorious growing season! I would encourage all of you to “like” our Facebook page, Prairie Pedlar Gardens, to receive regular
updates on shopping options, new plant varieties, greenhouse specials, and gardening advice.

The Prairie Pedlar will be open for business on April 1st as usual, with numerous precautions. Being an establishment that sells food
vegetables and herbs, the greenhouses fall into the essential business category and can remain open for customers who are
looking for plants to grow this spring.  Your patronage and support means a lot to us and will help keep our business growing for many
more years to come. You are welcome to call or text 712-830-4403 and we’d be happy to accommodate you however we can. And lastly,
our thoughts and prayers are with each of you. Be healthy and stay safe in coping with the Covid-19 danger and inconvenience.